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Second Annual Book Direct Day – February 6, 2019

Today – February 6, 2019 – is the 2nd annual Book Direct Day! And, this day (the first Wednesday in February) has been added to the National Day Calendar for future years.
You are invited to JOIN THE MOVEMENT #BOOKDIRECT – and many of you have, with gusto!

The number one goal of this movement is to supply YOU with tools and talking points to share with your guests and the traveling public on why BOOKDIRECT is the best choice for them: WIIFM (What’s In It For Me).

How is that being done? BOOKDIRECT.EDUCATION is the hub of the activity. This website is for you, for us, to put together this movement. On the site, you can volunteer for a TEAM that performs a specific task, such as “Get the word out” “Slogan and Logo” “Best Practices” and more.

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