Book Direct Education


Get Involved

Innkeepers, their websites, and booking engines all play a vital role in encouraging their guests to book direct.

  • Teach what it means to book direct on your social media platforms.
  • Clearly explain the perks and amenities of booking direct.
  • Use BookDirect imagery to notify guests that they are on your site.
  • Create special deals (including promo codes) for returning guests that they can only obtain when they book direct.
  • Manage your inventory properly on the OTAs.
  • Ask for guest reviews that include language describing how the guests enjoyed their stay because they BOOKED DIRECT!
  • Include language in Review Management Responses that speaks to why booking direct is BEST!
  • Wear a BookDirect button at breakfast, ask questions, and teach your guests all about why booking direct is BEST!
  • SWAG Giveaway to support BookDirect.*

*Interested in helping develop SWAG for all innkeepers? Get involved in the “Get the Word Out” Team.

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