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Technical Solutions Team

Team Opportunities

The “Technical Solutions Team” will be responsible for the following items, included but not limited to:

  • Find a way for the industry to use Google Hotel Finder at 12% instead of OTA’s at 15%
  • Be aware of Google’s API tracking options
  • Understand traffic statistic gathering methods used by CABBI
  • Investigate JackRabbit as it currently is the only system to ‘scrape’ all booking systems.
  • Contact the groups using JackRabbit: New England Inns and Resorts, Select Registry, Washington State Bed and Breakfast Association

If you are interested in volunteering for this group, please Volunteer Now!

Team Leader: Lisa Kolb, Acorn IS

  • Team Volunteer 1: Luis and Kristine Del Rio, Rio Grande Bed and Breakfast
  • Team Volunteer 2: Peter MacLaren, West Hill House B&B
  • Team Volunteer 3: Glenda Cahill, Wildberry Lodge
  • Team Volunteer 4: Open
  • Team Volunteer 5: Open
  • Team Volunteer 6: Open
  • Team Volunteer 7: Open
  • Team Volunteer 8: Open
  • Team Volunteer 9: Open
  • Team Volunteer 10: Open
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