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Slogan & Logo Team

Team Opportunities

The “Slogan and Logo Team” will be responsible for the following items, included but not limited to:

  • Crafting a logo, color scheme and wording to be used on the Innkeeper’s website.
  • Craft a purpose / mission statement for the Book Direct movement
  • Identify best location for display of logo on Innkeeper’s website.
  • Motivate the industry not to ‘fear of the future’; as the future is NOW!
  • Educate the industry about how to best use their “Book a Room” button to drive direct bookings.
  • Assist Innkeepers to recognize their website may be their first step in their guests’experience, as compared to an impersonal OTA transaction-only type booking.
  • Messaging to the guest that booking direct is about a “heart sale” not a “hard sale”; it’s not all about capitalism.
  • Consider building on the heart symbol used in Shop Local campaign.
  • Slogan ideas:
      – Better way to pay
      – Book with me!
      – Keep it Local
      – Don’t look for me on x (OTA)
      – Etc.
  • Language ideas:
      – Best Value / Best Deal may need to be Best Experience.
      – We understand from guests that transparency is appreciated, so we need to educate them to better understand what that transparency really means.

February 6, 2019 – START DATE to coincide with National Book Direct Day.

If you are interested in volunteering for this group, please Volunteer Now!

Team Leader: Rob Fulton, AIHP

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