The “Government Initiatives Team” will be responsible for the following items, included but not limited to:

  • Representing Book Direct issues at governmental levels
  • Assist legislators with education and communication regarding these issues
  • Be involved in Lobbying and Advocating at the state level
  • Education for Innkeepers on how to reach out to their own government leaders

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Team Leader: Nicole Maurer, Patty’s Place Bed and Breakfast

  • Team Volunteer 1: Lyle Woodruum, Davie School Inn
  • Team Volunteer 2: Robin Stauffer, Pheasant Field Bed and Breakfast
  • Team Volunteer 3: Bren Price, Touchstone Inn
  • Team Volunteer 4: Open
  • Team Volunteer 5: Open
  • Team Volunteer 6: Open
  • Team Volunteer 7: Open
  • Team Volunteer 8: Open
  • Team Volunteer 9: Open
  • Team Volunteer 10: Open