The “Association Organization Team” is key to reaching out to Associations who will then communicate with their members who will then communicate with their guests.The team will be responsible for the following items, included but not limited to:

  • Establish contacts with all industry associations.
  • Provide communications to association contacts to get word out to members and for display on Association websites.
  • Make Associations’ industry and travel partners aware of Book Direct similar to our work on unregulated short term rentals.
  • Make available Book Direct PAII videos: access direct, not just thru YouTube
  • Make sure all associations communicate the 2/6/19 National Book Direct Day to their members.
  • Reference PABBI Short Term Rental info packet for ideas on innkeeper education
  • Send book direct buttons and rack cards to inns
  • Innkeeper education that the Book Direct movement is VITAL for all innkeepers, whether they use an OTA or not!
  • Encourage all Associations to include Book Direct movement on their association home page. Ex: Add a banner, etc.
  • Define a talking list of bullet points’ for innkeepers about the Book Direct movement to keep it simple!
  • Provide sound bites / elevator speech that innkeepers can share with their guests.
  • Educate innkeepers on rate parity and how to develop special rates/types (CABBI)

Our Association’s Organization Team is now FULL! 

Thank you to all who have volunteered!  If you would like to add your Association and Contact information to our list of participating groups, please enter that information on the Volunteer form.

Team Leader: Kris Ullmer, PAII