Book Direct Education

Best Practices Team

Team Opportunities

The “Best Practices Team” will be responsible for the following items, included but not limited to:

  • Craft best language for booking direct communication on the Innkeepers’ websites
  • Take into consideration OTA contract requirements and consult with legal team
  • Potential Ad ideas: Inn to donate 1% to x, or 3% of bookings with a certain promo code to a cause
  • Develop a list of the ways a consumer benefits from Booking Direct
      – Easier to change reservation when you BD
      – Etc.
  • Education for your guests: “You THINK you are booking direct…”
  • Convey how ‘book a room’ language is misleading

If you are interested in volunteering for this group, please Volunteer Now!

Team Leader: Ryan Mercer, Terra Nova House Bed & Breakfast

  • Team Volunteer 1: Bebe Woody, White Doe Inn
  • eam Volunteer 2: Gwenn Eyer, Blessings on State Bed & Breakfast
  • Team Volunteer 3: Open
  • Team Volunteer 4: Open
  • Team Volunteer 5: Open
  • Team Volunteer 6: Open
  • Team Volunteer 7: Open
  • Team Volunteer 8: Open
  • Team Volunteer 9: Open
  • Team Volunteer 10: Open
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