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It’s Not Over – Next Steps in the Legislative Movement

As you know, in November Allyson Cavaretta testified before the House Small Business Committee on Big Tech’s impact on Small Business. After her testimony, we moved quickly to ask innkeepers to contact their legislators in the House and Senate with their own stories of how Google’s actions have affected their ability to keep their customers, as well as hurt their bottom line.

Here is a quote from Allyson:

“Since the hearing, article after article has spoken to the concerns with Google and Travel. The impact of the move to a ‘Super App’ has implications for many small innkeepers. Those stories are important and need to be heard by Senate and House representatives. I hope both Senators and Congressmen take the time to hear the concerns, especially when it comes to travel, of the Small Business Community and of the consumer.”

We also asked a variety of state and national associations to directly contact their respective state representatives who sit on the Small Business Committee with specific information as to how their members have been impacted by Big Tech.

A list of items that Google could change or restore as to how their SERPs display from the past was included in the information provided to the Small Business Committee representatives. You may access that whitepaper here:

You are welcome to reference this link in your correspondence with your state representatives.

See who the Small Business Committee representatives are here:

You are also welcome to reach out to these people who sit on this committee.

This effort has just begun! Allyson has had follow-up conversations, particularly on the Senate side, which is good news since the issue needs to be presented before both chambers.

The Senate and House will be in session until December 20, 2019, which is plenty of time for those of you who did not reach out to your representatives in November. Help make ‘Santa’s sleigh’ by contacting your state representatives today!

Follow the steps outlined in the article below to contact your legislators today!

One thought on “It’s Not Over – Next Steps in the Legislative Movement

  1. I am in Canada’s north and yes all those problems are here as well. Unlicensed un-inspected, businesses advertising as businesses but with out any rules, qualifications or licenses to be a business on line and avoiding taxes!!!! Really! This is as old a ploy as time its self. It needs to stop. Theses companies need to be held accountable for their actions. Media advertisers who have no morals and values need to be held accountable as well. It is costing our countries a lot in safety and in taxes. It is not a fair playing filed.

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