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Continued Big Tech Awareness – What to do NEXT!

Help keep your concerns about Big Tech and Google at the forefront of your representatives’ and senators’ agendas when session begins on January 7, 2020.

From Allyson Cavaretta, regarding Innkeepers reaching out to their representatives:

“The contact made at the end of last year is a start. The name and email within the representative’s office that innkeepers worked with is now a point of contact for continued outreach. A follow up email or call with a polite reminder that this concern remains kicks off the new year, and regularly asking ‘what’s next’ keeps this issue at the forefront.”

Every Innkeeper concerned about Google and Big Tech’s impact on your bottom line will want to set a reminder to send an email or make a phone call on 1/7/20 (or soon thereafter) when everyone is back in session. If you did get a name and email when you sent your first correspondence, reach out to that person and/or call the closest office to your business location.

Each representative / senator has offices in their home states and their local staff are often more accessible because of the call volume to DC. The purpose of this outreach is simply to provide a short follow-up to your first outreach, to keep your concerns at the forefront of your representative’s agenda.

If you haven’t already reached out to your representatives and senators, click here for those instructions.

Listed below are some talking points that you may choose to use or modify as part of your outreach:

  • I am really looking forward to hearing the representative / senator’s point of view on this issue.
  • This issue is extremely important to the survival of my lodging business.
  • What are the next steps regarding Big Tech and Google’s impact on my lodging business?
  • What can be done to help my business grow when Google wants a piece of every booking I make?
  • In just a few months, reservations for summer kick in and I am worried.

It’s important to not let this effort lag. Make sure your elected officials know that you are concerned and want action to be taken.

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