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COVID-19: You MUST CALL your Senators NOW!

Google may be offering all sorts of suggestions for COVID-19 help to businesses, but we know as innkeepers that we aren’t allowed to use them [Click here to read full article].  We need Google My Business access to be expanded to include all the tools that non-lodging businesses have access to that we don’t, including, but not limited to, Posts and Business Description access. Especially now!

Senator Collins of Maine and Senator Rubio of Florida are working on small business relief.

Click here to learn more about the emergency program.


What can you do?

Call your senators now – yes right now – and tell them to support the Collins/Rubio relief bill.

Click below to find your state’s Senator:

Button to find Senators Phone numbers

Why is this urgent?

  • Bills take time and time is just what innkeepers do not have to stay afloat.
  • Occupancy is dropping with social distancing and will be low to zero until Covid-19 passes.
  • Meanwhile, paychecks stop, while utilities and mortgages are still due – and more.

Your urging could help your sentors understand and overcome concerns about how much and how soon help is needed.

Every call counts!

For Additional Covid-19 Support Resources CLICK HERE.

3 thoughts on “COVID-19: You MUST CALL your Senators NOW!

  1. The historic Scanlan House Bed and Breakfast Inn will be open. We are going to be offering cheaper rates for our larger rims with no meals. For the next two weeks it would be room only and Main Gathering areas would not be allowed. Hopefully by May 1st will be able to offer everything again. Our self serve areas and are ice machines will not be able to be used until after the two weeks is up.

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