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#bookdirect Education Day - 02-02-2022

2-2-2022 – 5th Annual #BookDirect Guest Education Day

Coming up on February 2, 2022 is the Fifth Annual Book Direct Guest Education Day! It always sneaks up on us, so we wanted to get the word out well ahead of time so that lodging professionals have a few months to decide how they want to celebrate by letting their guests and potential guests know about the benefits of booking directly with the property.

The first Wednesday of February has been designated Book Direct Education Day since 2018. After the last few years of travel restrictions, local, national and international, with hoteliers and innkeepers, as well as every other property owner trying to survive and adapt, we’re hoping that 2022 will be the year of the independent lodging property!

In past years, owners and managers have done things like create posters, adding imagery and wording to their websites, wearing buttons (Ask me about #BOOKDIRECT!) direct interaction with guests, even reaching out to local news purveyors!

With such a great date (2-2-22) this year, we’re sure that the creative minds of property owners everywhere will go into gear and find wonderful ways to educate potential guests about #BOOKDIRECT!

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